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I have been a seeker of Truth since a child, always wanting to know:  from where we come from, why we are here, and who created us.  My search for answers took me around the world as a yoga and meditation teacher for 20 years, until abruptly, as if propelled by some unseen force,   I was plucked up from my ashram in China and plunked back down into my own backyard of the U.S. only to go through a very long dark night of the soul complete with illness, heartbreak, loss, and financial hardship – the gamut.


During those difficult times, I explored many different energy healing modalities, searching for the best one that felt right for me.  And I finally found it in 2012 when I had my very first Theta Healing session and took my first Basic DNA seminar.


That’s when everything in my life began to turn around for the better:  health, relationships, finances. The more I replaced my un-serving programs and beliefs with positive ones by using the Theta Healing technique, the more my life changed exponentially. 


Since then, I have experienced joy, contentment, and abundance on a level I have never experienced before. There is no end to how the Theta Healing® technique can change one’s life into an attainable miracle.

As a result of my life changing experiences with ThetaHealing, I have become a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor and Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner in order to share the miracle of this amazing healing modality. 


Instructor Certifications

  • Basic DNA

  • Advanced DNA

  • DNA 3

  • Dig Deeper

  • You and The Creator

  • You and Your Inner Circle

  • You and Your Significant Other

  •  You and the Earth


  • Manifesting and Abundance

  • Planes of Existence

  • Intuitive Anatomy

  • Disease and Disorder

  • World Relations

  • Game of Life

  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

Basic DNA

Advanced DNA

Dig Deeper

Manifesting and Abundance

You and the Creator

This is where the ThetaHealing® journey begins. This is the first course to take to learn all about this healing technique and to become a Certified Practitioner.

This is the next course to take after completing Basic DNA.  You will experience the in-depth and powerful belief work that will change your life.

This course helps you to gain more skilled confidence in the digging and belief work, one of the main concepts of the ThetaHealing® Technique. 

In this course you learn to clear beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting in your life.  Learn how you can create your own reality...

In this course you learn to understand the difference between the Creator's voice and that of your ego; what is truth versus fear.

Practitioner Certifications:

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