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The ThetaHealing® Technique

"Is best described as an attainable miracle for your life."

Sandra Kitch

Certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and Instructor 

Sandra Kitch
Sandra Kitch

About Sandra

ThetaHealing has been such a game changer for me!! From abusive relationships to happily married to my ideal partner; from having breast cancer twice to cancer free without chemotheraphy treatment; from bankruptcy and constant debt to owning a new home, new car, and a thriving business. 


Life couldn't be better and it's ALL because of the ThetaHealing® Technique.  And I know that you can have it all too; that you too can change YOUR life around 100% and create an amazing life of love, health, and abundance.  I am so passionate about the 180° changes in my life that I want to share this incredible tool and technique to all who are ready for a magical new way of life!

Sandra Kitch

Learn about the
ThetaHealing® Technique

Each ThetaHealing® Session is a unique and special experience. It involves identifying limiting blocks and programs held in the subconscious mind and using the ThetaHealing® Technique and guided meditation to gently release and replace them with beneficial ones.  Sessions are usually between sixty and ninety minutes after which one may feel relaxed, a certain lightness, and an energy shift.  Sessions are available in person, by phone, and online.


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New Port Richey, Florida, USA 34655


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