"The Thetahealing Technique ® is best  described  as an  attainable miracle  for your life."


About Sandra

ThetaHealing has been such a game changer for me!! From abusive relationships to happily married to my ideal partner; from having breast cancer twice to cancer free without chemotheraphy treatment; from bankruptcy and constant debt to owning a new home, new car, and a thriving business. 


Life couldn't be better and it's ALL because of the ThetaHealing® Technique.  And I know that you can have it all too; that you too can change YOUR life around 100% and create an amazing life of love, health, and abundance.  I am so passionate about the 180° changes in my life that I want to share this incredible tool and technique to all who are ready for a magical new way of life!


The ThetaHealing® technique is a powerful yet gentle energy healing modality that combines science and spirituality to help identify and clear limiting beliefs, dissolve deeply held blocks, and instantly reprogram the subconscious mind so that one can realize a new and empowered way of living and re-create a life exactly as one chooses.  It is a meditation technique that awakens the amazing and magnificent Creative Life Force within to help facilitate one's emotional and spiritual well-being.  


Theta Healing® Technique Founder

The ThetaHealing® Technique was founded in the 1990s by Vianna Stibal, a renowned spiritual teacher/ healer who teaches her spiritual philosophy and meditation technique, ThetaHealing®, throughout the world. After witnessing her own healing over 20 years ago, she discovered that emotions and beliefs affect us on a core, genetic, history, and soul level.



Sandra's expertise in the field of Theta Healing is one of a true healer. The amount of work that we cover in one healing session is absolutely amazing! Sandra has a gift that allows her to work through the emotions, the feelings, the beliefs with such clarity that it feels like shifts are taking place right before your eyes.

I get so much more out of each session than I could imagine. I have referred Sandra to my dearest and closest friends as I believe it is life changing. 

- Jenn Davida

Dear Sandra,Thank you so much for all the wonderful Thetahealing sessions! I feel like we really addressed some deep rooted issues that have been bothering me for a long time. 


I believe the work you're doing with me is essential and I'm so grateful that you're here to support me. You are so talented and compassionate and I really treasure you.

- Julie Kierstein



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