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I have been a seeker of Truth since a child, always wanting to know:  from where we come from, why we are here, and who created us.  My search for answers took me around the world as a yoga and meditation teacher for 20 years, until abruptly, as if propelled by some unseen force,   I was plucked up from my ashram in China and plunked back down into my own backyard of the U.S. only to go through a very long dark night of the soul complete with illness, heartbreak, loss, and financial hardship – the gamut.


During those difficult times, I explored many different energy healing modalities, searching for the best one that felt right for me.  And I finally found it in 2012 when I had my very first Theta Healing session and took my first Basic DNA seminar.


That’s when everything in my life began to turn around for the better:  health, relationships, finances. The more I replaced my un-serving programs and beliefs with positive ones by using the Theta Healing technique, the more my life changed exponentially. 


Since then, I have experienced joy, contentment, and abundance on a level I have never experienced before. There is no end to how the Theta Healing® technique can change one’s life into an attainable miracle.

As a result of my life changing experiences with ThetaHealing, I have become a Certified Theta Healing® Instructor and Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner in order to share the miracle of this amazing healing modality. 


Practitioner Certifications

  • Basic DNA

  • Advanced DNA

  • DNA 3

  • Dig Deeper

  • You and The Creator

  • You and Your Inner Circle

  • You and Your Significant Other

  •  You and the Earth


  • Manifesting and Abundance

  • Planes of Existence

  • Intuitive Anatomy

  • Disease and Disorder

  • World Relations

  • Game of Life

  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight


Instructor Certifications

Basic DNA


Dig Deeper

You and the Creator

Soul Mate_edited.png

Soul Mate

Animal Seminar

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Advanced DNA


Manifesting and Abundance

you and your inner circle_edited.png

You and Your Inner Circle

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight_edited.png

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

World Relations

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