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Practice Workshops are a great way to improve your ThetaHealing skills and increase your intuitive and manifesting abilities.

You will gain frequent practice under the guidance of a seasoned instructor who can answer questions and help those who may need some assistance.

Within a few months of Practice Workshops, you will be able to see your own progress and an increased level of confidence as you work on yourself, your loved ones, or your clients.

The purpose of the monthly Practice Workshops Is to provide practitioners an opportunity to:

- Do belief work and healing work related to various ThetaHealing® seminars
- Practice exercises taught in the various ThetaHealing® seminars
- Receive downloads related to certain topics
- Ask questions and receive answers in a safe, supportive environment
- Be part of a ThetaHealing® community and connect with like-minded individuals

All those who have completed and certified in the BASIC DNA course are welcome to attend.

The Practice Workshops are organized, structured, and are designed to be relaxed, fun, and informative.

Investment each class: $30

One time investment of 6 Practice Workshops: $90

Practice Workshops will be held online, via ZOOM. Registration will be necessary.
Los excursionistas en paisaje montañoso

The Medical Intuitive and the Healing of the Body

July 24, Wednesday

7 pm - 9 pm EST

This workshop will explain what a medical intuitive is and will focus on toxic influences in the bod, such as microbes and parasites. It will cover certain information shared by

Vianna in the Intuitive Anatomy class regarding these negative toxic influences and will include breaking into groups for belief work and downloads.


Advanced Programs for Healing

October 16, Wednesday

7 pm - 9 pm EST

This workshop will focus on what Vianna calls Advanced Programs; major programs we may still carry that may be blocking us from our true purpose and divine timing. These programs deal with self-compassion, joy, acceptance, living in the now, feeling alone, feeling a victim, and money. In this workshop, we will identify which advanced programs you may have and then break into practice groups to do deep belief work to clear them.


Expanding Out Meditation vs. RoadMap Meditation

November 20, Wednesday

7 pm - 9 pm EST

This workshop will focus on information that Vianna shares about the body in the Intuitive Anatomy class. We will look at one system of the human body, how it works, and muscle test those beliefs that are connected to it. It will also include breaking into practice groups to do belief work. All workshops include powerful downloads.


The Intuitive Scan

August 21, Wednesday

7 pm - 9 pm EST

This workshop will be a follow up of the new class Vianna just launched called “Love of Self” which she will be teaching Feb. 7-8 and April 12-13. This new class is all about unlocking your psychic senses and understanding your innate abilities. It is a roadmap to self-empowerment. The workshop will include also include breaking into practice groups to do belief work related to this new class. All workshops include powerful downloads.


DNA and the Awakened Masters

September 18, Wednesday

7 pm - 9 pm EST

This workshop will dive into the world of DNA as explained by Vianna in the Basic ThetaHealing course. It will also touch on all the strands of DNA and the awakening of our psychic and intuitive abilities with their activation. There will be a short quiz and then we’ll break into practice groups to clear any limiting beliefs or blocks around the use of our psychic abilities.

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Forgiveness vs. Hatred/Prejudice

December 18, Wednesday

7 pm - 9 pm EST

This workshop will focus on the major benefits of the Forgiveness Exercise and how to accurately do it easily and gracefully. This is a very effective healing tool that we often use in a ThetaHealing session, and it helps to complete the healing process and allows one to feel closure. In this workshop, we will break into practice groups and work on releasing any hate or prejudice your ‘client’ may carry and then practice guiding your ‘client’ through the Forgiveness Exercise.

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