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Depression Relief

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 495 US dollars
  • ThetaHealing

Service Description

Depression is energetically connected to unexpressed anger, resentment, despair, rejection, regrets, sorrow, grief and other low vibrational energies that we collect during our time on this planet. Thethealing® technology specializes in releasing these emotions that cause us tremendous pain and re-formatting your cells to have the ability to feel something different, using downloads to create new receptors on the cell membrane. Very often strong emotions, beliefs, and vows can also be carried in your ancestral DNA and manifest in this lifetime. Thetahealing® technology assists with connecting to these ancestral energies and releasing and resolving them fully. This gives you relief from the emotional charge and allows for healing to take place. Choosing this Manifesting package is an introduction into how this process of Thetahealing® can help to free you from the bondage of depression and create a new “Vibrational Set Point” for manifesting.

Contact Details


New Port Richey, Florida 34655, EE. UU.

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